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A Music Minister

A remarkable individual who has left an indelible mark on the world of music and leadership.


Opeyemi Ige Ayodele, professionally known as Yemmy, is a Nigerian music minister, songwriter, musician, singer and worship leader based in Doha-Qatar. Yemmy is the founder and owner of The Family Of Eight (TFOE) group worldwide, where he organizes annual music concerts, monthly in-house worship events, and music outreaches to mention a few.

Yemmy is a unique worship leader and an anointed worshiper, whose mission is to create an atmosphere of the presence of God filled with the worship of the almighty.

Music Director

Yemmy’s ability to blend different musical styles and genres with seamless precision has earned him recognition as a dynamic and innovative music director.

Minister of Music

As a music minister, Opeyemi Ayodele has found solace and purpose in using his talents to lead worship and connect with others on a spiritual level

Passion for Music

Yemmy’s mesmerizing voice and exceptional musical skills set him apart, captivating audiences with his performances and evoking deep emotions through his music.

Inspirational Leader

His musical prowess, spiritual dedication, visionary leadership, and professional excellence cannot be underemphasized.

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